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The Perks And Pressures Of An RV Park Lifestyle

Maybe it has always been a dream of yours to live the RV park lifestyle. No one can blame you. All sorts of people from all walks of life have taken this route and never looked back. It seems like a perpetual vacation from all the trappings of the residential life.

If you are thinking of going down this road, consider first the perks as well as the pressures of owning this lifestyle. Although it may seem like a dream come true and despite all the free Wi-fi RV park living takes getting used to and may not appeal to everyone. Discover the truth about living out your life in an RV and weigh the pros and cons.

Another thing to keep in mind is what you have to do before you can actually go on the road. Like what to do with your property and your stuff. How will you decide what to get rid of, and what to bring with you? If you’re working, how can you go on doing that while on the road on your RV, 24/7?

For your future RV life, you have to plan for how you can buy an RV, if you haven’t got one yet. What kind would you choose? Where would you go even to buy it? Then, when you stop along the road, where can you stay that can accommodate your RV?

How can you have a full-time and exciting RV life? Is there somewhere in mind you have been longing to go, driving your RV? Will it be safe to be on the road?

There are so many questions needing answers, but you need to start with why it would be the kind of life you could live full time and enjoy. So here are some ideas you can go over that could help you take that step in RV-ing.

1. Cost of living in an RV full time. The choice to live a life on the road in an RV is one which takes a lot of forethought and planning. Since the options for storage in an RV are much less than when living in a house or apartment, buying things which are not essential and which will not be accommodated in your RV is not advisable.

Frivolity and RV life don’t go together, and the costs will show you that later on. However, forewarned is always better because if you let yourself go, an RV life can easily get expensive. So bring only those items with you that are necessary. Simplicity is the key.

Things to look out for that can go out of control is spending for fuel and food. Try to map out where it is you want to go, and what will be the costs involved. If you wish to take a vacation in an RV resort, find out how much it would take, and what you might be spending on fuel. While you will not be spending on plane tickets to get somewhere vacation-worthy, or hotels and taxis or car rentals, you do have to think of fuel needs and RV resort or park fees.

While stationary RV living may cost less than maintaining a house or renting an apartment, but constant traveling can take a lot out of your budget. Strike a balance somewhere between taking RV trips and living a stationary RV life.

As for food, remember that cooking in an RV or an RV setting, which means outdoors at times, is not something you are used to. It is easy to be tempted to just go and buy fast food, and that can circle out of control really fast. So think about what food can be good for you and your family, and what can be simply prepared but also provide the right nutritive balance.

2. Work anywhere, anytime. A mobile lifestyle makes it possible for you to take your work with you even while you travel. The good thing about RV-ing is that now, there are many options that will allow people to work via an Internet connection. Since this service is available throughout the country, working anywhere will not be a challenge. Free Wi-fi RV park living makes this easy, and there are other options too while on the road. You can stop by at various eating places and coffee shops, and many others. There is no shortage of options to do this.

RV living can allow you to take advantage of living a perpetual vacation while also making it possible to work and earn. It is the best of both worlds. No need to clock in at your office. Work anytime, wherever you are. Work while camping out, work while at the beach.

Of course, it won’t always be easy, because there are times that Wi-fi signals are quite low or there will be too many people accessing the same signal. You have to be willing to adjust to the situation and work in a setting not quite as comfy as your office chair. There are some perks though like working with a glorious view all around you and fresh air.

3. There is no time to be bored. Although it can be quite a challenge having to navigate new places more often, trying to find a park, or a grocery or a gas station and the like, if you’re up to it, you can also enjoy the feel of a new place. You have the chance to experience something completely new in the cuisine and meet a lot of new friends.

But also know that there is a point when it can really get irritating not to be able to just go and pick up something as simple as tampons or toilet paper without it having to become some treasure hunt.

4. RV camps and resorts are exciting places to be in. Some can really be worth the trip and the money. There are RV resorts that are equipped with cable TV and high-speed Internet. There is 24-hour security and you can even bring your dog. There are bath houses and swimming pools, and if you have your kids with you, they can even enjoy a park devoted solely to children’s enjoyment.

The drawback sometimes is that there are times when vacation season is at a peak, and camps and resorts can get crowded. So while you might be a resident, some transient visitors may make some nights or days feel a little bit crowded.

RV-ing is not for everybody. It is for a select type of people who want a life free from trappings. But it can still be a great way to have a fantastic vacation on the road. If you want to have a taste for the RV life, you can rent an RV and take a trip on the road. Then you can decide whether it is something you can do full time.

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