Types of Jackets as Motorcycle Clothing Must Know

Types of Jackets as Motorcycle Clothing Must Know

 Types of Jackets as Motorcycle Clothing – very diverse. Every motorcyclist must know it so that no one chooses to buy later.

 The use of a jacket does make the atmosphere of riding on a motorcycle feel more comfortable. Especially at night because it protects the body from the wind.

 Various types of jackets available on the market itself are made from various materials so they must be careful in their choice. Make sure you wear a jacket that is comfortable in the skin.

 Not only that, but the jacket is also present in various models. It will feel very harmonious if you adjust the jacket model to the type of motor and your personality.

 Types of Jackets For Motorcycle Riders

 If you are motorcyclists who want to be confused when looking for a jacket, it helps you see some of the many types of jackets that are recommended below.

 Fleece jacket

 One type of jacket that is suitable for motorcyclists is a fleece. Called suitable because this jacket proved comfortable to use.

 Besides, the fleece jacket is also able to protect the rider thanks to the material that can withstand weather conditions. However, this jacket is not suitable when used when the weather is hot.

 For those of you who are interested in wearing this type of jacket for bikers, make sure you choose a size that suits your body size.

 Do not choose the size of the jacket that is too tight or too loose. It is said to fit in the sense that you can freely move when wearing this jacket.

 Using a jacket that is not a suitable size will make your space to be limited so it feels uncomfortable.

 Bomber Jacket

 In addition to fleece jackets, bomber jackets are also widely recommended. Not surprisingly, because this type of jacket for motorcyclists carries a trendy model.

 Besides that, the material used to make a bomber jacket is also of high quality. Call it leather, synthetic, and even canvas.

 Not only can be stylish, but the use of a bomber jacket also allows motorists to feel more secure and comfortable.

 This jacket feels warm when used and won’t irritate the skin. Use a bomber jacket to accompany you throughout your trip.

 Parachute Jacket

 Parachute jackets are perfect for daily motorbikes. This type of jacket you can use on all occasions. In addition to driving during hot and cold weather, this jacket can also be used when climbing mountains.

 Regarding the model, this type of jacket for motorcyclists is designed with a hood. Besides, there are also 2 pockets pinned to the front of the jacket.

 The more impressive because the parachute jacket is also supported by a bag placed on the inside. You can use the bag to store the cellphone.

 As for the material, the parachute jacket is made from high-quality Taslan material. This material is waterproof and wind-resistant so it can protect its users well.

 Parka Jacket

 For those of you motorcycle riders, make sure you recognize this type of jacket. Parka jacket made with quality leather.

 With leather, this type of jacket for motorcyclists can prevent users from the threat of colds. This is because the wind can be driven by a parka jacket well.

 The more interesting to have because parka jacket is also waterproof. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you suddenly rain in the middle of a trip.

 Even though it is swift, rainwater will not make you soaking wet. You can even be protected from splashing water on the road.

 Regarding the type, parka jackets are available in various types. Some of them are fishtail parka and snorkel parka.

 Touring jacket

 If you like touring, make sure you wear the right type of jacket. As the name suggests, a touring jacket is specifically designed to support touring activities.

 This type of jacket comes in bright colors such as neon, allowing users to remain visible even though there is minimal light.

 As you know, touring is carried out from morning to night. Because it is always used, the touring jacket is made from selected materials that feel comfortable.

 It is known that this jacket is made from micro-polyester material. Besides being comfortable, the touring jacket also seems practical because it is equipped with a zipper and pocket on the inside of the jacket.

 Leather jacket

 As the name implies, this jacket is made of animal skin material both genuine leather and synthetic or artificial leather. This jacket can function as a protector from cold weather and wind. Therefore, leather jackets are often found in areas that have cold and fashionable weather.

 This jacket has the characteristics of the front looks like a jacket opening in the form of a zipper, buttons, or a belt from the neck to the bottom. This type of jacket is very warm and stylish if used for style. While in Indonesia, many are also used to ride motorcycles, especially large motorcycles.

In addition to several types of jackets for motorcyclists above, there are also types of cagoule jackets, racing jackets, and many more. Make sure you choose a jacket that suits your needs and desires.