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Usual Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents

Hiring a Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer

Those who become injured due to car accidents will face lost work, painful surgeries, rehabilitation and medicals bills that cost a fortune and all because someone was careless, negligent, reckless or all of the above. On top of all the victim’s negative experience, they’ll also discover exactly how difficult it can be to collect any amount of money from the other driver’s insurance company. Because of insurance claim adjusters, who are known for making sure that people get as little settlement money as possible, the entire insurance settlement process can be exhausting. Instead of stressing yourself any further, better call for a Charleston car accident lawyer especially if one of the injuries below is sustained.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident lawyer that’s well experienced in the field is all too familiar with different degrees of car crashes and injuries. Auto accidents can be the cause of varying physical injuries, there are some considered to be common and crippling.

Brain Injuries

Head and brain injuries are at the top of the list of common auto accident injuries. In auto accidents, the person’s body is forced to suddenly stop and this drastic change causes the traumatic injuries. Despite the fact that the seatbelt is there to secure the body of the person and to minimize the overall damage, there isn’t really anything there to protect the brain from jostling around. After the initial impact of a car accident, the brain continues to move and will crash into the skull with great force. Auto accident lawyers can swear that symptoms can show up at a later time which can result to expensive treatments especially when immediate care was not sought out at the very beginning.

Considerable Facial Injuries

Facial damage is another common injury suffered by auto accident victims; these facial damages include bruises, scrapes and cuts. Auto accidents frequently result in various debris and broken glass flying everywhere that may cause facial fractures and lacerations. Even the forceful impact of the airbag can cause serious facial injuries that can involve additional damage to the teeth and jaw.

Injuries to the Chest

Lastly, considerable injuries to the chest will result from serious car accidents. Generally, the sheer impact of the seat belt or the steering wheel with the chest causes the physical damage. Unfortunately, there are some cases where the auto accident involves a lot more force which leads the person the slam with the dashboard or even get ejected from the vehicle, naturally causing broken ribs and other internal injuries.
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