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Learning More About Making Greek Yogurt

For yogurt lovers experimenting with yogurt is one thing that they always are determined to do and one can’t go wrong with Greek Yogurt. Anyone that has made Greek yogurt before can tell you that if you don’t get the process right then you might loss out on achieving your intentions. Some of these processes are pretty simple you just need to get the stages right. In addition to this, this article will help you know the tips for making Greek Yogurt.

The first tip is the ingredients, the more the fat the better hence you will need milk and live culture yogurt. Look for around four measuring cups and set them aside awaiting the process. One thing that people might find odd but is a necessity is having an old tee. Some equipment for making Greek Yogurt are some of the things that you have in your kitchen like whisks and saucepans. The one thing that usually happens is that most chefs are in the modern day on various social media platforms and websites where they detail the various recipes that can be of help to their loyal fans, most times all you need to get that at recipe is to direct chat them and you will get to find the help that you need.

The very first procedure is pasteurize your milk and this is a simple process that can be done under 10 minutes. To add onto the fat that you already have , take powdered milk that you might be having in the house or bought earlier on and mix it into the pasteurized milk. Take the milk tightened with a lid and place it in a place where it can cool down for almost one hour. To activate the process you will need to then bring the two tablespoons of live culture yogurt and ensure that you stir and then pour to the saucepan. The mixture needs to be brought to 118 degrees and how this is done is by preparing the oven by turning on light and then off after a few minutes but to be certain that your mixture remains above 115 degrees is ensuring that you wrap something like a towel on the measuring cup to ensure the temperature is maintained. In 12 hours with a temperature of 118 degrees you should be having your Greek Yogurt ready.

The very final step before you head out to enjoy your yogurt is to ensure that it is ready by doing a simple test, the simple trick that has always proven to work is just tapping your yogurt from the side to establish whether it’s moving in unison to the middle of the cup. The other tip that comes very last is the straining part where you place the old tee that you have over a bowl and ensure the strainer is tight then keep the yogurt suspended in the fridge for close to four hours. At the end of the four hours you can now lay back and have the time of your life.

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