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Merits Linked To Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrator is a device that is used medically to help patients with lung issues who have difficulty breathing. The portable oxygen concentrator concentrates oxygen from the atmosphere and one is able to use it. Also it does not store the oxygen. A a portable oxygen concentrator is a new age device that is used medically to help patients. A a portable oxygen concentrator can be carried around thereby it does not inconvenience a person and the person still feels free to do everything. Many different advantages accrue to portable oxygen concentrators. A person survival increases is another advantage of portable oxygen concentrators. A person’s lifespan is increased when they use the portable oxygen concentrators. This results from the fact that it can be utilised all the time during the day. A patient can use the oxygen during all the hours of the day if he wishes to. The fact that the device is portable enables it to be used anytime and anywhere in the day.

The other advantage is it improves the brains alertness. This is because oxygen gives life to the brain and makes it work well. Fewer confusion results due to enough oxygen in the brain making one cautious of the environment. Work and studies are done more efficiently since there is more concentration among people. It’s also helps a person to understand things better and fast. The other merit is that one can still have a social life. When one gets infected with oxygen-related conditions, their social life is limited since the have to stay indoors. One can still meet up with friends if he uses oxygen Concentrators as they are portable. Portable oxygen contractors also have a benefit of making someone’s mood better. The the mood of a person is affected by the cognitive part of the person which can be adjusted by oxygen. Therefore having enough or less oxygen will have an impact on how you feel. Suicidal thoughts come about by low self-esteem that is attributed by less oxygen.

Another merit is that it helps a person to tolerate exercises. One is able to benefit from exercising their body since they do not get tired easily. Less results are achieved when one exercises without enough oxygen in the body. The person will reap greater benefits from his exercises. The other advantage is that it gives a person stamina. Daily activities becomes possible due to the maximum energy that one acquires as a result. Doing laundry, organizing the house and shopping are the major activities that require a lot of energy and which many people undertake. Oxygen being the main energy source makes the activities impossible without it

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