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            2020-11-12 10:20:39

            雅思口語分為三個部分,part 1,Part2和part3。在part1 和part2 及part3都會有人物部分的話題,關于人物部分的話題,我們有很多方面可以拓展和描述,尤其是人物性格這一塊的詞匯。我們在雅思口語考試中要是抽到描述人物的topic,那相對來講就比較簡單,我們在練習的時候可以把相關的詞匯背誦熟練,運用起來就比較方便。那我們除了人物性格這一塊的詞匯外,還有外貌詞匯。如何把一個人物形象描述得很好就離不開描述的詞匯。哪有那些比較高級又地道的表達呢?朗恒出國的老師給你們來一波口語高分詞匯,希望能助你雅思考試一臂之力。


            Children – teenagers - young adults/ millennials - middle aged men –

            seniors/senior   citizens/elderly people/retirees/baby boomers – people born

            in the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s – generation Z (after 2000)


            he   bleached/dyed his hair--- is a bald/partially bald/ with a bald head---with

            slightly   wavy brown hair --- has curly hair --- ponytail --- got receding hair ---

            has blonde   hair --- a redhead --- has a salt  pepper hair (positive)


            Looks very   well made up (positive) --- without makeup --- chiseled face ---

            rosy face   --- looks quite weather beaten --- skin is wrinkled


            Overweight   --- an hourglass figure (women) --- stocky /buff/be well built ---

            apple   shaped/pear-shaped --- Lanky --- an obese (negative) --- broad

            shoulders   --- strapping


            Funky    trendy way --- always dresses in casual style --- who always wear

            modern urban   style --- prefer bold clothes --- an age appropriate dress ---



            A bit dressy   (negative)/ well-matched accessory (positive)/suit one’s outfit

            (positive)   --- wear an old-fashioned glasses --- a black heavy frame glasses ---

            has a lot of   tattoos


            Dapper (man)   / Chic (woman) --- smartly dressed/well groomed --- looks

            unkempt/very   scruffy  shabby/disheveled/untidy-looking/messy-looking



            1.Do you like trees?

            2.Are there many important trees in your country?

            3.Do you like plants?

            4.Have you ever grown any plants?

            5.In China, do people give plants as gifts?


            1.What is your home’s decoration?

            2.What kind of decoration do you want to have?

            3.Do Chinese people like redecorating their home?

            4.What’s your favorite color when you decorate your home?

            TV program

            1.Do you like watching TV program?

            2.What types of TV programs do you like to watch?

            3.Do to stick to one type of program all the time?

            4.Do you talk to your friends about the programs watched by yourself?


            1.What’s your favorite color?

            2.What colors are the walls of the rooms in your home?

            3.Do you prefer dark colors  bright colors?

            4.Is there any color that have special meaning in your country?

            New Year

            1.How do you usually celebrate the New Year?

            2.Is New Year celebration important to you?

            3.Can you briefly describe your most unforgettable experience about the celebration of the New Year?


            Part 2 口語新話題卡


            Describe a computer/phone game you enjoyed playing in your childhood.

            You should say:

            What it was

            When you played it

            Who you played it with

            explain how you felt about this game


            Describe an illness  a disease you suffered .

            You should say:

            What it was

            When   this happened

            How you felt bout it

            explain how you recovered  that.


            Describe a piece of international news you have just recently heard.

            You should say:

            What the news was about

            When   you heard it

            What you were doing when you heard the news

            explain how you felt about this piece of news


            Describe an art exhibition you have visited.

            You should say:

            What it was about

            When   it was held

            What you saw in this exhibition

            explain how you felt about this exhibition


            Describe a time when you had a problem with using the computer.

            You should say:

            When it happened

            it happened

            Why the computer couldn’t work

            explain how you solved the problem at last


            Describe a skill that you think you can teach other people.

            You should say:

            What it is

            Who you can teach

            How you can teach others

            explain how you feel about teaching others



            Describe a live sport event you watched before.

            You should say:

            When it happened

            it took place

            Who you watched it with

            explain how you felt about this experience


            Describe a person you enjoy visiting but you don’t want to live with him  her.

            You should say:

            Who this person is

            When you would like to visit him  her

            What he  she does

            explain why you don’t want to live with him  her


            Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person.

            You should say:

            When   it happened

            Who you were waiting for

            Why you had to wait for him

            explain how you felt about it


            Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone.

            You should say:

            When it was

            Who you had it with

            What you talked about

            explain why you think it was interesting 


            Describe a kind of weather you like.

            You should say:

            What kind of weather it is

            When this weather usually occurs

            What you usually do during this weather

            explain why you like this weather